Nashulai is a mixed-use conservancy, which is leveraged on responsible tourism, in order to drive back benefits to the local community.

The construction of an underground water tank – which will hold 50,000 litres of water – is a great example of the statement:

“We drive back benefits to the local community”

The water project, which is also designed to protect the Oldarpoi Camp spring, will provide clean water to more than 2000 people in Sekenani community.

There will be public bathrooms and communal showers, water kiosks and livestock watering points.

The water will be pumped up using solar power into an overhead tank (in the process of being constructed) which will use gravity to flow the water to the villages. Here’s the building process and what we’ve completed thus far:

Step 1: Digging the hole for the underground water storage tank. Look at that beautiful red earth!


Step 2: Installing the concrete slab for the underground holding tank


Step 3: Walling up the underground water holding tank

The wall has also been covered with smooth concrete and the forms are in place for the next phase of building the top of the tank. Remember, the tank needs to be high enough to use gravity to flow water to the village:

Step 4: Forms are in place for the next phase of building the top of the tank

Although we’re not done yet, in this next photo, you can see the source of the original Oldarpoi spring, which is the source of the clean water:

The original fresh water spring is in front, with the new holding tank being built behind it

Everyone in the community is very excited about this amazing project and huge improvement in their standard of living. All of this is made possible through donations to the conservancy and revenues from our Safari Camp.

So THANK YOU to all our wonderful eco-safari visitors, from around the world, for making this water project possible!