Here at the Nashulai Conservancy, we believe a core responsibility is to ensure that benefits from conservation and Safari tours are trickling down to the local communities, even in small ways.

We are excited to announce that we have just launched a motorbike ambulance to help in rescue missions during medical emergencies – for people in remote villages with no other means of transport to a hospital.

Here’s me with the keys to the new Eezer ambulance!

This EEZER motorbike ambulance will come in handy responding to pregnancy crises, making sure that laboring mothers can receive medical help if needed. Of course it is just as useful for other patients in remote villages, to make sure they are quickly transported to hospitals whenever a medical emergency arises! We are so grateful to our partner EEZER of Sweden for the support.

Without this motorcycle ambulance, a birthing mother in trouble faces a long walk… across a wildlife invested area… where the nearest clinic is often more than 10 miles away!

Handing over the keys and responsibility to the local village

On the day of the launch a lady was in labour and we safely delivered her to Sekenani clinic and then back home with her healthy baby after a safe delivery.

Sekanani – where the hospital is located

Healthy baby and mama back home again – thanks to the Eezer!