New luxury units at the Wageni camp are nearly ready! The new units will be dedicated towards the sustainability of Nashulai Maasai conservancy, especially in ensuring that land can be leased from the community and turned into conservation.

Building the new Wageni Luxury Safari tents

Our Nashulai conservancy model is the first ever conservancy to be established and operated by the local Maasai community itself!

The uniqueness of the Nashulai conservancy model is the integration of both people and wildlife, as well as livestock in the shared ecosystem – this means, no ‘conservancy refugees’

Local cows visiting the safari camp

Some of the units will also come with kitchens – for long-term stays (like researchers) who want to also cook their own food.

Wageni tent with kitchen – nearly ready!

Here’s what your view will look like from atop your luxury pillow-top bed…

Pillowtop bed with gorgeous view

An even bigger view awaits you on your porch…

Big sky and endless nature on the Maasai Mara

Finish the day with a gorgeous sunset, viewed from your porch, or your bedroom window…

Sunset on the Maasai Mara

“Definitely the community are really enjoying the fruits of Nashulai conservancy and since Nashulai was born the community is never the same again. We as the community are the beneficiary and we have gone more steps ahead in terms of education, creation of jobs, opportunity to the locals inside the conservancy, and also leasing of our land to Nashulai. It’s another chance and weapon to stop our community from selling the land permanently to other tribes. Congratulations to Nashulai conservancy” – Collins Reiyia Keym

Take a look at all our Lodging options and then craft your ideal Safari expedition experience! We wait to welcome you and teach you about our land, wildlife, and Maasai heritage. 🙂