Migration season is almost here, whereby hundreds of thousands of wildebeest head to northern Serengeti and Kenya in search of succulent grass and water, during the dry season. But in this process, the Mara River stands in their way – and it must be crossed.

For many, this is the highlight of the great wildebeest migration and there is no doubt that you want front row tickets to this part of the spectacular migration show!

Watch this short video of the migration now:


The migration season is an incredible spectacle (for any wildlife enthusiast, it is a life time dream). But take note that the wildebeest migration is an ongoing event, taking place all year round, as the herds led by wildebeest, zebras, elands and gazelles travel on cyclical grazing paths around the Serengeti-Maasai Mara ecosystem.

Wildebeest in the Mara River last year

Oldarpoi Mara Camp is the best safari camp to experience this unique phenomenon this season because :

  • It is well positioned – the rolling plains around the camp are stocked with wildebeest, gazelles and zebras during migration months and our safari camp is situated right in the center of their migration path.
  • Oldarpoi Mara Camp is entirely owned and operated by the local Maasai community and your money remains in the local community to help support schools (e.g Mara Learning Academy), libraries, campaigning against FGM and other harmful cultural practices, providing clean water to the local community, and sponsoring needy children in the community gain an education. Oldarpoi is an eco-friendly lodge seeking to bridge the gap between tourists’ needs, conservation, and the community’s interest; by providing meaningful experiences to guests and sharing benefits with local community.
  • Oldarpoi is built with all the comforts of a home including en-suite bathrooms with flush toilets, hot showers, comfortable beds with mosquito nets and fresh linen. It also has a large ground for camping which is well shaded by acacia trees. If you prefer to camp, you will be provided with a small pitch up tent ideal for two people and sleeping bags (you can also bring your own tent).

En suite bathroom in the Oldarpoi safari tents

Oldarpoi comfortable tents

  • Oldarpoi provides affordable packages for residents and non-residents to witness this natural phenomenon.

The great wildebeest migration is a natural phenomenon that you would not wish to miss and Oldarpoi Mara Camp are ready to ensure that your experience is second to none. Book with us this season and get a chance to put yourself right in the middle of all this action. Get a first-hand account of this epic phenomenon and live to tell the tale for many years to come!