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Walk & Talk

Walking Safari

Walking Safari – Visitor Photo

Walk among the animals in the wilderness with your trained Maasai guides. People and wildlife co-exist peacefully in this refuge made possible by combining traditional Maasai knowledge with sustainable, regenerative land practices.

Maasai warriors are not only your protectors, but also knowledgeable teachers of wildlife tracking skills, plant and herbal medicine, and animal behavior.

Become ONE with nature as you walk at the pace of the animals and meld with Mother Africa under your feet. Learn directly from source; from an indigenous culture that has walked this land for thousands of years. Truly an amazing opportunity.

Walks can be tailored to your fitness level and rest stops can be as you need them. If you get overly tired or otherwise uncomfortable, we can have a jeep come and pick you up.

Combine this Walk & Talk expedition with any of the Expedition Add-Ons listed below…

Heading out for an animal tracking & herbal medicine walk – Visitor Photo

Lunch can be eaten on the safari, or back at the camp – your choice!

“The staff had an amazing community spirit that was contagious throughout the camp. They looked after us all so well and made us feel very welcome into their camp and into their culture. After dinner they had activities by the camp fire such as storytelling and singing which allowed for a full cultural immersion. The guides coming on safari with us and taking us up to lookouts were extremely knowledgeable and lots of fun.” – Emma R., USA

Up close & personal – Visitor Photo

“It was wonderful. we loved hearing birds and wild animals all through the night. We also got to go hiking, walk through the Nashulai conservancy with rangers, visit a Maasai village, visit a school that is funded through this safari business and the conservancy. They are locally owned and operated and working to reduce poverty and preserve their Maasai culture.” – Kate, Canada

Milking Cows at the Local Maasai Village

Milking Cows at the Local Maasai Village – Visitor Photo

Note: Of course we also offer jeep safaris too (minimum 2 people) – and you can easily do both during your stay. Check out our Expedition Add-Ons, as some people like to bring their mountain bike too.

Head on over to our BOOK YOUR TRIP form and craft your ideal Safari experience, ask questions, or get an idea of how much your trip would cost. Karibu – Welcome!

Nashulai lookout point – Visitor Photo

Play & Build

Our local students

Our local students

This is an opportunity to really make a difference to the Maasai community and wildlife conservation, by pitching in and lending your skills, muscles, or expertise to the Nashulai Conservancy.

Of course you will also have ample opportunity to go on either a walking/nature expedition, or a jeep safari (minimum 2 people). But this Play & Build Expedition is for those that want to combine volunteerism with cultural immersion, and a wonderful holiday.

We have had sports teams, or school classes, come for particular jobs – like building a new classroom for the local school. Sometimes they fundraise before they come and bring school or art supplies for the children.

Some people come to help build cottages, or needed facilities, or help with river restoration, or bridge building, or tree planting. With 6,000 acres of conservation land, there is always work to be done!

We have also had people with teachable skills come to hold training workshops for our schoolchildren, or Maasai youth, or Maasai women. We once had a fashion designer from New York come and teach our women how to incorporate traditional Maasai beadwork into retail clothing for designers.

Maasai beadworkAnother taught our women’s collective how make various natural soap products using all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients, scented with local herbs. The Maasai women now sell these soap products to hotels and lodges.

We welcome your ideas, expertise, skills or muscles to volunteer with the Conservancy as we strive to bring the Maasai community out of poverty and protect the wildlife migration routes and birthing grounds.

“From the safari, over the ceremony and blessing by the elders, visit to the village, learning about your school projects, to the accommodations, and kind care from everyone – I will never forget this experience. Hopefully, I will be able to come back soon and bring my family/friends on one of the trips. I thank Nelson, Maggie, and the entire Oldarpoi Mara Camp crew from the bottom of my heart for a trip of a lifetime.” – Frannie Smile, Virginia

Children are beloved in our culture, and are welcomed wholeheartedly in our villages. We gladly encourage and help children and young people participate in our world, learn about the regeneration of the land and its ecology, our culture and the wildlife – whether learning tracking and scouting in the bush from the Maasai warriors, or joining our children in our small school for fun or even to help teach.

At the Local Maasai Village - Visitor Photo

At the Local Maasai Village – Visitor Photo

Tell me your ideas (or ask questions, or start a conversation to explore ideas) on the BOOK YOUR TRIP form and I will contact you to discuss further! And of course, feel free to combine this Play & Build expedition with any of the Expedition Add-Ons listed below…

Big 5 Wildlife

Most people don’t know this, but over 70% of wildlife are not in the Maasai Mara – they are in the community lands surrounding the Mara. This is why Nashulai is an excellent, low-traffic place to view not only the Big 5, but lots of other wildlife and birdlife as well.

Male Lion

Male Lion – Visitor Photo

The Nashulai Conservancy land (6,000 acres) has the added distinction of being one of the key migration routes for elephants and giraffes and their traditional birthing grounds!

Nursing elephant

Nursing elephant – Visitor Photo

Of course, our experienced rangers have lived here all their lives and they know where the Big 5 are, at various times of the year – whether they are on Nashulai land or inside the Mara and they can take you straight to them. Note: Jeep safaris require a minimum of 2 people.

“Over the weekend we saw all the big 5 (including eight lions, a leopard and two cheetahs) except rhinos, as there are (apparently) a small rhino population. We saw ostriches, many interesting birds, hippos and lots of elephants and giraffes. It is amazing how close we came, and Mr. Nelson set the car in such positions that one could take wonderful pictures. We had picnic on the savannah and ate a lovely lunch with various dishes.We slept in a very nice tent, with wide comfortable beds and a bathroom with toilet and hot shower extension. In the evenings we could hear howls from the hyenas, but we felt safe all the time because of the two masai warriors who guarded the area.We had high expectations before the trip and they were fulfilled several times! This will be a memory for life!” – Pensinor, Bergen, Norway

Relax afterwards with a local brew at the safari bar – Visitor Photo

You can have a picnic lunch on the savannah, or by a river, or you can return to Oldarpoi camp for lunch and then head out again. Either way, be sure to stop by our safari bar for a local cold beer at the end of the day!

And don’t forget to check out our Expedition Add-Ons below, because while you’re seeing these amazing creatures in their native habitat, you can also be learning from our rangers how to track them, or learning about the herbal medicine growing around you. Or perhaps rather than taking a jeep out to view the wildlife, you’d like to take a motorbike?

Zebras Playing – Visitor Photo

Then head on over to our BOOK YOUR TRIP form and craft your ideal Safari experience, ask me any questions you wish, or get an idea of how much your ideal trip would cost. Karibu … Welcome!

Rites of Passage

The Maasai people understand the value of family, of community, and of providing space and ceremony for life’s transitions, challenges, or special events.

  • Perhaps you are struggling with your teenager and wish there was a place or experience that could facilitate a greater connection or understanding between you?
  • Perhaps you have recently divorced, or re-married, and the adjustment is rocky?

Sometimes getting out of our comfort zone, out of western culture, away from the city, away from screens and devices… can set the stage for meaningful connection.

A Father & Son, once-in-a-lifetime experience – to be treasured and remembered as the years unfold. Tracking wildlife together on foot and learning about local plants and herbal medicine. Perhaps a motorbike safari, or a mountain bike expedition, combining adventure with wildlife photography. Away from video games and social media, connect with each other and create amazing memories.

A Mother & Daughter trip, augmented by walking among wildlife, learning about local herbal medicine, visiting the school and learning how they are educating and preventing FGM (female genital mutilation) and learning how to do beautiful beadwork with the Maasai women. THIS is community. This is belonging. Design a meaningful experience that pulls you closer together and will be remembered for a lifetime.

Join the local Maasai Elders as they impart thousand-year-old wisdom around the campfire or at the Storytelling Café. Press a RESET button on what’s important in life.

“We loved it. We stayed two nights before heading off to Lake Nakuru, long enough to feel at home here. The staff are so welcoming, the food – amazing, the tents are beautiful. Apparently this is budget but it didn’t feel it to me! Our kids were treated wonderfully and they especially enjoyed sitting around the fire at night with the Maasai guys, learning all about Maasai culture. I love that this place is run by the local Maasai community. Highly recommended.” – Kitschenalia, Aberdeen, Scotland

A Life & Values Reset expedition – graduated from high school or college and don’t know what’s next? Divorced, or mid-life crisis? Recently retired and wondering what you worked all those years for, or, perhaps you are finally able to get out and explore LIFE?

When you leave your culture, your ‘norm’ and you enter a different world – a world more closely connected to the Earth, to the way humans have lived for millennia… you open the door to answers and experiences you never anticipated.

Wild land, biodiversity, wild animals, have much to teach us. The Maasai elders have stories to share that have sustained and spiritually supported humans from the beginning of time.

Spend time communing with the animals and nature, visit the children in the local school, sit with the women and learn traditional beadwork, track wildlife with the rangers, or learn about the herbal medicine growing all around you. All the while, your feet tread upon the red earth of Mother Africa.

Return to your roots – the birthplace of humanity. When humanity lived in community with the animals, the earth, the birds, the plants. Absorb perspectives from a tribe that has not lost it’s place on the wheel of life, that is still firmly rooted in the interdependence of planet Earth.

Browse the Expedition Add-Ons below… then select the safari expedition, activities, or Maasai ceremonies to craft your ideal experience on the BOOK YOUR TRIP form and I can contact you to discuss the details, questions, or ideas you have. Karibu — Welcome!

Maasai women Singing Welcome to their Village – Visitor Photo

Wild Run

Kenyan runners are known worldwide for being the best of the best. So how about coming to train with our Maasai warriors and take your marathon game to a whole new level?!

This is marathon and ultramarathon training like you’ve never imagined! The climate and terrain in the Kenyan plains (yes we have hills and small mountains too) is also ideal for conditioning.

Our Maasai warriors have been running across the Mara since they were young boys. They can not only run with you, but they can teach you about animal behavior, wildlife tracking, wilderness survival skills, and local plant medicine, as well.

However many miles per day you want to run, our Maasai runners are good to go. NO ONE has ever outrun them. But just in case you think you might… we can relay a new runner out on a motorbike. So train as hard and as long as you want – we’ve got you covered!

Our chef can accommodate any of your dietary needs and all veggies are fresh (live enzymes!) out of our organic garden – so you’ll be nutritionally supported as you train.

Feel free to bring your mountain bike too, if you wish, and we can pedal out with you – take you on the best training routes for hills or rough/smooth terrain, and steer you safely around any wildlife feeding grounds, washouts, etc.

p.s. Of course we also welcome more casual runners. And you may want to combine a running safari with a jeep or motorbike safari – check out our Expedition Add-Ons below and then head on over to our BOOK YOUR TRIP form and craft your ideal experience.

Rainy Season vs Dry Season?

Most people don’t understand what is meant by “rainy season in Kenya”. The season when it rains is March – Mid-June. However, this does not mean it is raining all day, every day! The rain typically comes in the evening around 6:30-7:00pm and lasts for about a half hour. Many find it refreshing.

So, many people actually prefer to come during ‘rainy season’ when the grass is greener, the animals are giving birth, wildflowers are blooming, and there is a greater variety of birds. The temperature during the day is also a bit cooler.

Note: Night temperatures are chilly year-round.

Expedition Add-on Activities:

Wildlife tracking skills – head out with a Maasai Warrior or Ranger and learn from the experts how to track animals through the bush; footprints, spoor and other signs.

Herbal medicine & plant wisdom – learn from a Maasai medicine woman which herbs are used for which ailment, how to prepare them, and where to find and harvest them.

Picnic Breakfast or Bush Lunch – enjoy something different and head out into the Mara for a special picnic (breakfast with the hippos perhaps?), or a proper lunch set out on table & chairs. Book as many as you like.

Motorbike tour – track and view local wildlife on motorbikes. Tour in a way that respects the animals and protects nature, while having a whole lot of fun!

Visit to local Maasai village–visit a local homestead with a Maasai Moran who will show you the local housing, cooking, animal care, and explain how the Maasai live sustainably in a natural environment.

Mountain bike tour (bring your own bike) – head out in search of wildlife, or simply to enjoy the amazing vistas and local terrain. Your Maasai Warrior will accompany you and ensure safety around wildlife.

Maasai wilderness survival skills – our Rangers and Maasai Warriors will teach you key skills, signs and warning signals to survive in the bush, and how to build your own fire using traditional fire starter methods.

Learn traditional Maasai beadwork – join our women’s circle and learn how to do traditional Maasai beadwork; techniques, design, jewelry. Men, women and children welcome!

Maasai beadwork

Maasai Traditional Massage – recover from your day of trekking or exploring (or even youryour flight!) with a traditional Maasai massage using local herbs.

Maasai Jump – learn how to do the traditional Maasai jump the Warriors are famous for. Surprise yourself! And laugh a lot. Men, women and children welcome!

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Mara – flights usually start at 6:30 am. Watch the balloon slowly rise and come to life, then fly for one hour over the world’s most spectacular wildlife reserve. A bird’s eye view of the wildebeest migration, or perhaps an elephant herd on the move. Land on the Mara plains and enjoy a full champagne breakfast. Receive a special certificate from your pilot as a memoir, then head off on Safari along the way back to camp. A most memorable adventure!

Maasai Wedding Ceremony – if you wish to be legally/officially married in Kenya, we can arrange that for you with sufficient notice. Or you can have the legal ceremony in your own country and a traditional Maasai wedding ceremony here.

Maasai Marriage Blessing Ceremony – perhaps you are on your honeymoon, or perhaps you’ve been married for 20 years. Celebrate your union with a traditional Maasai marriage blessing ceremony.

Maasai Baby Blessing Ceremony (born or in utero) – children are celebrated and rejoiced over in Maasai culture. If you’re having difficulty conceiving, or you’re already pregnant, or with a new baby, our Maasia women will gather in circle to bless you and your little one.

Maasai Cleansing Ceremony – perhaps you feel weighed down by negative thoughts or emotions. Perhaps you’ve recently gone through a difficult time and you’re ready to cleanse and let go of the past.