The biggest challenge facing education in Maasai Land is poor or lack of educational resources, which include classrooms and teachers – and even other learning materials like books.

The Oldarpoi Mara camp continues to play a key role in uplifting education in Maasai Mara Community – Sekenani – by addressing these challenges.

In partnership with the American Community School of Beirut (ACS), Oldarpoi Mara Camp is modernising their school (Mara Learning Academy) by constructing the first modern classroom which is made of concrete, as opposed to the current classrooms made of corrugated iron sheets.

Mara Learning Academy current classes made of corrugated iron sheets – which can get very hot!


The first step of construction – laying the foundation of the modern class.

The new modern classes will provide a very conducive learning environment which will boost the the academic performance of the pupils.

Mixing the slab as American Community School students watch and help.

Helping solve the challenges facing education in Kenya, by sharing benefits with the community, is the real meaning of community-based tourism.

Education has really been improved in Maasai Land, since I attended school as a child. Most of the children of my age group never got the privilege to go to school.

Culture was the main challenge that we faced during our time, since parents were unwilling to send their children to school, but rather, they were left to attend other cultural activities – where some were even harmful (like early marriage). Long distances to school and inadequate learning materials are the other challenges that have since been addressed in Maasai Land.

During my childhood, we walked over 8 km to school and more than two different classes were merged into one classroom. The blackboard was divided into two columns, where each class used one column.

These challenges have really been addressed today by the Nashulai Conservancy. This would have been amazing had they been addressed during my time, and most of my age mates could then have attended school with ease. I’m honored to be working alongside our people’s pioneers, like Nelson and Maggie, and all our overseas supporters, to contribute to such drastic improvements and freedoms in my community.

If you have a school or community group, or even just your family, would like to come over to Safari with us and then donate some time to help us with community projects like this, we welcome you with open arms! Just book your trip or email us and tell us what you’d like to do… 🙂