If you’ve already browsed our Safari Expeditions, you’ll know that the “Rainy Season” in Kenya is often misunderstood. The season when it rains in Kenya is March – Mid-June. We can thank wildlife films with their footage of torrential rains, and Savannah grasses that grow 2 feet per day, for our perception that rainy season means it rains for the entire day, day after day.

In actual fact, the rain typically comes in the evening around 6:30-7:00pm and lasts for about a half hour. That’s it! Many find it refreshing. And many people actually prefer to come during ‘rainy season’ when the grass is greener, the animals are giving birth, wildflowers are blooming, and there is a greater variety of birds. The temperature during the day is also a bit cooler.

This video of Stuart Butler doing a 200km walking safari with his Maasai guide, Josphat Mako, gives you a good idea of what rainy season actually looks like in the Maasai Mara – this trip was done throughout May/June:

p.s. Here’s another fact you may not know about going on safari in Kenya, on the Maasai Mara: Night temperatures are chilly year-round. Like the desert. So not only is air conditioning not required, but some request a hot water bottle to snuggle with at night – my personal favorite 🙂

Newborn giraffe experiencing it’s first rain (c) Dan Galati – a friend of Nelson’s who also leads great safari tours!