It was a great afternoon on a game drive with children from our school, the Mara Learning Academy!

Our elder in residence , Mr James Ole Nampaso and myself took the kids on a tour of the Nashulai Maasai conservancy. The tour opened up the minds of the children on conservation, and as future custodians of the land where they are born, they need to gain knowledge to protect it for future generations.

One child, Naishorua Keiwa narrated her hopes and dreams for the kind of Mara she envisions in her child’s eye. She loves Elephants and hope to protect them from poachers.

According to her, elephants are important to an ecosystem, as they help with land regeneration by replanting trees through their dung, and she also just loves the imposing size of the majestic creatures!

Though we didn’t manage to see any elephants on this game drive, it was still a great one where we encountered the early migrating wildebeest groups passing through Nashulai.

We also saw hundreds of impalas, elands and even came across a tower of giraffes! Such is the beauty of a game drive through the eyes of a child!